Join us at the 2024 OrgSec Village! This will be a satellite event of Team CommUNITY’s Global Gathering taking place the day before and mornings of the Global Gathering, from September 26-29th, 2024, in Estoril, Portugal.

The 2024 OrgSec Village will cover a range of topics, including building sustainability in security adoption, handling advanced threats, assessing the security of civil society actors, and utilizing various tools and resources to enhance digital security, among others.

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit session proposals via the registration form. From presentations to panels to hands-on technical trainings, our goal for this event is to foster knowledge-sharing and a sense of community amongst digital security practitioners (trainers, auditors, tool maintainers, and other organizational security practitioners). This will complement the sessions scheduled during the main tracks of the Team CommUNITY’s Global Gathering. We look forward to your participation!

For further information, contact us at [email protected]

  • Date & Time: September 26-29, 2024 (see schedule below for specific times).
  • Location:In a hotel short distance from the Global Gathering venue in Estoril, Portugal.
  • Capacity: Up to 100 participants.
  • Format & Sessions:
    • Main track (up to 100 participants): Presentations / panels / facilitated activities of 50 mins.
    • Training track (up to 30 participants): 1.5h or 3h hands-on technical trainings.
  • Registration forms and deadlines: Please register here by July 31, 2024 for participation and session proposals.
  • Code of conduct: For this event, we will use this Code of conduct, we ask every person submitting interest in participating to confirm acknowledgment and compliance to this code. 

Regrettably, the venue chosen for this year’s edition is not wheelchair-accessible or suitable for individuals with reduced mobility, as it necessitates the use of stairs.  If you require an accessible venue, please send an email to [email protected] to see if there are any accommodations we can make for you. Additionally, please leave a note in the final field of the registration form. 


Suggested themes:

  • Building sustainability in security adoption (policies, long-term interventions, champion models, updating knowledge, etc.) 
  • Facilitation (use of language, adult learning, engagement, activities, interpersonal dynamics, immersive learning techniques, etc.) 
  • Advanced threats (Computer and mobile forensics, malware, spear phishing, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, etc.) 
  • Assessing the security of civil society actors (Auditing, technical assessments, threat modeling, etc.) 
  • Tools and other resources (workflows, usability, presentation, training on adoption, etc.) 
  • Holistic approaches (Physical, psychosocial/emotional, legal, administrative security, etc.) 
  • Censorship circumvention (VPNs, Sneakernets, Pluggable Transports, etc.) 
  • Responding to incidents and operating in restrictive environments (Data recovery, online account takeovers, device compromise, working on helplines, preparation for raids, arrests, etc.) 


Q: When is the OrgSec Village?
A: The 2024 OrgSec village will take place from 26-29th September 2024 during morning hours. These are the same days as the Team CommUNITY Global Gathering, and the day before. 

Q: Will I be able to attend the Global Gathering? 
A: Yes (if you are registered to attend it), the Global Gathering organized by Team CommUNITY will take place from 27 September 2024 to 29 September 2024 only in the afternoon. This means that the OrgSec Village (taking placein the morning hours of September 26-29th) will not overlap directly with Global Gathering sessions. There may, however, be other satellite events happening at the same time as the OrgSec Village.  

Q: Where will the venue for the OrgSec Village be? 
A: We have organized the event venue a short distance from the Global Gathering venue in Estoril, Portugal. 

Q: What is expected to happen in the OrgSec Village? 
A: During the event, we expect presentations, panels, collaborative sessions, and training related to digital security applied to civil society organizations, independent media outlets, at-risk communities, and other forms of activism. Attendees are encouraged to submit session ideas as a part of the event registration form.  

Q: I need a visa to travel to Portugal, is there visa support?  
A: We are not offering visa support for general participants to attend these events (limited support is available to project-specific partners); however, if you are attending Team CommUNITY’s Global Gathering, they offer support letters and further guidance on how to apply for a visa, so please check out their website

Q: If I register through the form, will I have a secure spot? 
A: Given the current capacity limitations of the venue, we can accommodate around 100 participants, so in case we receive more submissions for interest to participate than seats available, we will prioritize participants according to the following order: GIF project partners (as GIF is financially sponsoring this event), Internews staff working on digital security-related projects, other Internews partner organizations, and other members of the digital security practitioner community. In case there are other aspects to be incorporated to select participants, those will be communicated to people registered through the form.