We support and empower the existing global community of civil society organizations and at-risk and vulnerable groups so they can do their own work safely and effectively despite the ever-growing risks they face. We do this by providing locally relevant trainings, supporting local digital security trainers and organizational security auditors with cutting edge cybersecurity expertise, building rapid response capabilities at the regional level, and increasing the baseline digital safety infrastructure of our partner organizations. For this, GIF takes the following approaches:
Digital safety assessments for organizations and groups icon
Digital safety assessments for organizations and groups

GIF uses the SAFETAG framework to assess the specific security needs of each organization we work with to help them create a tailored solution to their unique risks.

Connecting digital and physical risks icon
Connecting digital and physical risks

GIF helps at-risk organizations, communities, and individuals look at their security as a whole, designing strategies that cover as many aspects as possible (including digital, physical, psychosocial, legal, and administrative threats), and their relationship to technology.

End-user training icon
End-user training

GIF partners promote awareness and knowledge of digital safety through end-user training for devices and software, always in the local language and tailored to the context and needs of the audience.

Specialist-assistance icon

Specialists dedicate time to each beneficiary to help them implement any strategy detected in the assessment process while also training them to take charge of their own digital security. 

Digital resources icon
Digital resources

In many cases, small organizations and at-risk individuals don’t have the funding to cover many essential resources and may end up using unlicensed and illegal software that can host attacks designed to compromise the security of its user. The GIF Project aims to help these beneficiaries obtain access to legal software to improve their security considerably. 

Expansion of the in-country expert community icon
Expansion of the in-country expert community

The skills to address digital security threats are held disproportionately in Europe and North America. To address this global disparity, GIF members

  • Build local ecosystems of trained technologists
  • Increase incident response capacity
  • Create localized digital safety curricula
  • Run public digital safety campaigns