Internet Freedom Ecosystem Research

From 2022-2023, the Greater Internet Freedom Project conducted research into the digital rights (DR) and digital security (DS) ecosystem with the aim of I.) exploring the current Internet Freedom (IF) ecosystem, specifically the needs and challenges in the field; and II.) identifying opportunities for interventions to advance and sustain the IF community. The study rests on principles of participatory research: engaging, listening to, learning from and reflecting together with individuals working in this field who know firsthand the challenges faced. That report is available here.

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Biometric ID Research

The GIF Consortium conducted multi-region research in 27 countries seeking to identify and compare the state of biometrics and digital identity threats, usage, and impact in Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South and Southeast Asia. The findings in this global report serve as a call to action for relevant stakeholders, including government, developers, vendors, policymakers, the international community, civil society actors, and ID users, highlighting the urgent need to address: I.) existing gaps and inconsistencies in laws and regulations; II.) the use of data in digital ID and biometrics systems for unlawful surveillance; and III.) ethical concerns related to discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization, among others. To see the regional and country level reports, please click here. You can find the global report here.

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